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It's been a long road for Kirsten Siragusa.

Kirsten after her last training session at Paradigm before she leaves for Oklahoma State Univ.


Kirsten started at Paradigm in 2010. She was 12 years old and had just suffered a torn ACL. She completed all of her rehab here at Paradigm. A year and a half later, she was called up to the U15 National Team Camp. One week prior to going to camp, she tore her ACL during a high school Soccer game. Once again, she did all of her rehab at Paradigm and was called back up to the National team a year later.

In 2014 she was called back to the U18 National Camp. A month after returning, she was called back to the U18 National camp and in 2015 she was invited to the National IDS Nike Camp.

Believe it or not Kirsten went in for her 3rd knee surgery in March of this year, just months before she leaves for college. She's been working hard at Paradigm getting healthy and prepared for freshmen year at Oklahoma State Univ.

It been a pleasure to be a part of Kirsten's soccer development and to see the drive she has to keep coming back to compete at the highest level. We look forward to seeing her play this year!

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