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How do I determine which training is right for me?


The first step would be to identify your needs and objectives via phone or email.


The second step would be to set up a day and time to attend a small group training session. This will allow us to better assess your current level of skill and areas for improvement.



How often should I attend?


We suggest that you attend atleast once a week to maintain continuity in training.  Most players will attend multiple times during the week to fast track their progress.



How do I sign up for training?


Paradigm will provide you with the pertinent paperwork upon arrival for your first session.



How do I pay Paradigm?
We accept cash, check or credit cards.
Is Paradigm's training schedule flexible?
Yes.  We understand that from week to week, schedules can change.  You can choose from any training session within our weekly group session schedule.
If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please let your trainer know so that he can accomodate you.
What is a typical class size at Paradigm?
On average, the typical class size is between 8-12 athletes, with 2-3 coaches per class.


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