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Chloe Bohanon commits to Texas Tech after a year of consistency and hard work.

Chloe Bohanon putting in work!

Chloe Bohanon putting in work!


Chloe started training at Paradigm in the spring of 2015. After 20 minutes in to her very first session we knew this kid had "IT" (Self Driven, Extreme Work Rate, Highly Competitive, Disciplined and Consistent). When Chloe came to Paradigm, she came with goals she wanted to attain. One of those goals was to commit to a top 25 D1 University by the end of her sophomore year, with a scholarship in hand. With that comes a high level of commitment and expectation. She trained 3x's a week at Paradigm on top of her regular club practices. Chloe would message us and tell us that she needed to come in for extra fitness sessions. Most kids are not willing to do that.

With all of Chloe's preparation behind the scenes, she was confident that she was ready for the upcoming ECNL Showcases and College ID Camps. After 4 months of ECNL Showcases, ID Camps, and campus visits, she had shown multiple Top 25 D1 Universities that she could be an impact player at that level. On May 15th, Chloe committed to Texas Tech University with a scholarship.

Committing to Texas Tech is just one of many goals that Chloe has set for herself. With her commitment and consistent hard work, we look forward to seeing big things from Chloe in the future.

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