Brooke & Casie (The Twins) are last of an ERA..

The Twins after a killer treadmill workout while home on Christmas Break. Brooke and Casie (The Twins) started at Paradigm in 2006. From the very first session we knew these two were gonna be lifers! The Twins trained twice a week EVERY week for the past 10 years until they went off to college at Auburn University. The Twins played High School Soccer at Plano West where they lead the school to Back to Back State Championships in 2012 & 2013. During each of those championship seasons, Brooke was named MVP of the State Tournament. In 2013, Casie's senior year, she was named All Area Girls Soccer Player of the Year. Casie was the third Plano West girls player to win SportsDay's top honor,

Casie Ramsier at it again!!!

After 4.5 hour game with all the Lightning delays your FC Dallas WPSL move to the final after winning 1-0 over Michigan Chill. Casie Ramsier with the game winner in the 78th minute! #HardWork #SoccerSkillsTrainingPlano #soccer

Pretty big honor...

Women's Soccer Mac Herman Trophy is equivalent to Football's Heisman Trophy. #soccertraining #soccerskills #HardWork #Motivation

Chloe Bohanon commits to Texas Tech after a year of consistency and hard work.

Chloe Bohanon putting in work! Chloe started training at Paradigm in the spring of 2015. After 20 minutes in to her very first session we knew this kid had "IT" (Self Driven, Extreme Work Rate, Highly Competitive, Disciplined and Consistent). When Chloe came to Paradigm, she came with goals she wanted to attain. One of those goals was to commit to a top 25 D1 University by the end of her sophomore year, with a scholarship in hand. With that comes a high level of commitment and expectation. She trained 3x's a week at Paradigm on top of her regular club practices. Chloe would message us and tell us that she needed to come in for extra fitness sessions. Most kids are not willing to do that

It's been a long road for Kirsten Siragusa.

Kirsten after her last training session at Paradigm before she leaves for Oklahoma State Univ. Kirsten started at Paradigm in 2010. She was 12 years old and had just suffered a torn ACL. She completed all of her rehab here at Paradigm. A year and a half later, she was called up to the U15 National Team Camp. One week prior to going to camp, she tore her ACL during a high school Soccer game. Once again, she did all of her rehab at Paradigm and was called back up to the National team a year later. In 2014 she was called back to the U18 National Camp. A month after returning, she was called back to the U18 National camp and in 2015 she was invited to the National IDS Nike Camp. Believe it or

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